Daily Reward - Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hello, hero, now you can get a daily reward every day, if you login (of course). You can get your reward clicking on cross (more features) and Daily Reward. See the list of items of the Daily Reward below:

Demon Sword (Daily Reward)
Demon Star Sword (Daily Reward)
Golden Blade of Edu (Daily Reward)
Oblivion Diamond Blade (Daily Reward)
Color Custom Star Sword (Daily Reward)
Demon Dark Caster (Daily Reward)
Demon Dark Caster Locks (Daily Reward)
Demon Dark Caster Hair (Daily Reward)
CC Phoenix Blade (Daily Reward)
Dual CC Phoenix Blade (Daily Reward)
Nekoyasha Mane (Daily Reward)
Infernal Warrior Face CC (Daily Reward)
Savage Hare Morph (Daily Reward)
Wild Shades (Daily Reward)
Gressil Sword (Daily Reward)
Doom Attendant (Daily Reward)
Winters Haunting Spirit (Daily Reward)
Valor High Halo (Daily Reward)
Dark Heart Manly Locks (Daily Reward)
Colossal Black Hole Sword (Daily Reward)
Pockey Trainer (Daily Reward)

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